I am Mrs. Talbot, the Visual Arts teacher here at Hibberd. When Hibberd reopen in 2012, I left Charles and C.R. Richardson to join the staff here. I am very excited to be teaching 3-8th grade and Life Skills. I love this school. I have very creative students with a wide variety of interests in Art. My students are learning to think like an Artist. They are learning to find a voice as an artist. Artists are great story tellers and have many tools in the visual realm to help them tell that story as clearly as possible. Children express themselves and learn about whom they are though their art. Their art is unique to them. Art is something to share. It builds connections to family, friends, and community. Art develops hand –eye coordination and builds a relationship to the material world. Art is a discipline that teaches focus and increases attention.  Art teaches children that there can be more than one solution to the same problem. Art teaches open ended thinking and creates an environment of questions rather than answers. Art teaches risk taking and learning from mistakes. Art stimulates both sides of the brain and creates a holistic world view. Art opens the heart and mind to possibilities. Art nurtures the human soul.  I love teaching Art.


3rd-8th Grade

International Peace Day


Art Installation

"Pinwheels for Peace"

3rd - 4th Grade

Lesson inspired by the book "Lizard's Home"

a story about bullying

Life Skills

"Chinese New Year"

2016 the Year of the Monkey



6th Grade

"Drape Mold Candy Dishes"





7th and 8th Grade

"Before and After"

Top drawings were done at the beginning of the 12 week class
Bottom drawing was completed at the end of 12 weeks of instruction.