Principal's Corner


Hibberd Mission Statement:

Hibberd is a diverse community of students, teachers, and families all working together.  Through meaningful experiences, our students will develop their individual gifts to become life-long learners and productive members of the community.

Dear Hibberd Families,

It is my pleasure to be named the principal of Hibberd Intermediate School.  I was previously the principal at Community Youth Services in 2016-17 and prior to that was an assistant principal at Richmond High School for eleven years.  One of my goals for this year is to bring back the Hibberd Fight Song.  The words are listed below and it is sung to the tune of the I.U. Fight Song: 

Hibberd Wildcats! Oh Hibberd Wildcats!

Hibberd Wildcats, we’re all for you.

            We will cheer for the Blue and White

For the glory of Hibberd, too. RAH! RAH!

We’re a grand team, they never falter

In a game they are tried and true

Hibberd Wildcats! Oh Hibberd Wildcats!

Hibberd Wildcats we’re all for you.


I look forward to working with students in all three programs including Life Skills, Early College, and Logos.  Go Wildcats!!!!!!